Wednesday, November 23, 2005


How to raise a toast in 16 different languages:

Cheers (English)
Prosit (German)
Salut (Italian)
Cin Cin (Italian)
Skal (Swedish)
Oogy Wawa (Swahili)
Kan Bei (Japanese)
Na Zdorovia (Polish)
Naz Dar (Hungarian)
Mabuhay (Turkish)
Salud (Mexican)
Genatzt (Armenian)
Sláinte (Irish)
Sanda bashi (Pakistani)
A sua saude (Portugese)
Serefe (Turkish)

Because, hey, you just never know.


Domenick Bartuccio said...


You're too good for french?

Bret Taylor said...

You could always tell me how French people say "cheers", and I could add it to the list.

Domenick Bartuccio said...

Salut, which is already there in other permutations.

I just wanted to start shit.