Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bar Tip #1.

I've decided, as a public service, to start a series of pointers on bar etiquette, since every time I go out lately, there's some rookie who has no idea how to behave in a bar. Without further ado:

#1: The doorman is your friend. If there's a lineup, he's the guy who can get you in. And pissing him off won't accelerate that process. So don't be an asshole - stay calm, make some small talk, and don't ask him every ten seconds if you can go in now. Act like an adult, in other words.

And if some drunk college girl starts hassling the guy, roll your eyes or shake your head as if to say, "what a dumb bitch." Even if she's with you.

Hell, especially if she's with you. Otherwise you'll be waitin' outside all night while she argues with the doorman.

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