Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Bar by Any Other Name.

Barrel house
Blind pig
Blind tiger
Blood bank
Booze shed
Gin joint
Gin palace
Piss palace
Puke factory
Strong water shop
Watering hole


George Smeltzer said...

How about Gin Joint and Tavern.

Anonymous said...

...or how about:

House of ill-repute;

Puke Factory; or

That place where I picked up that be-atch last week?

Lyman said...

There's a place in NYC I've been called American Trash.

FLUX Design said...

Well, I live in Japan, and let me tell you, there's some dandy bar names here, like:

Bar, isn't it?
Drunk Monkey
Pig & Whistle (there used to be a bar in the shitty East side of Vancouver by that name)
Bar Ho
Beep Forest
Jam Jam Drive on the Market

If I had my own bar, I'd name it something like "Kingdom of Booze" or "Wife Enhancer" or maybe "Fuck AAA"... yeah, those are all good...

Bret Taylor said...

"Jam Jam Drive on the Market"? That should be on a t-shirt.