Monday, December 12, 2005

The Dictionary.

Accute gravity attack: falling down while drunk.

Alcoholic aphasia:
loss of speech control due to intoxication.

Allupin Cider: hint: try saying it out loud.

Angels' share: the whiskey that evaporates during the aging process.

Bar hop: travel to several bars (and get drunk, most likely).

Barley sandwich: beer for lunch.

Beeriness: drunkenness.

Behind the stick: serving drinks; working the taps.

Boozemosis: absorbing alcohol through the skin.

Bower: beer in the shower.

a beer.

Brunk: drunk at brunch.

Buzz-on: mild intoxication.

Calling dinosaurs: throwing up.

Camper: a patron who camps out at the bar for the evening.

Canners: canned beer.

Cellar Smeller: somebody who only comes over when there's free booze.

Cooler: a chick drink.

Corn palsy: a hangover from drinking corn liquor.

Crooking the elbow: drinking.

Drinking tourists: amateur drinkers.

Elevenses: pre-noon whiskey break.

Friender: a bender friend.

Get drafted: drink too much draft beer.

Glow on: a mild buzz.

Green around the gills: hung over.

Growler: a half-gallon glass jug of draft beer.

Halfrack: a twelve-pack of beer.

Heavy wet: malt liquor.

Hydraulic sandwich: liquid lunch.

Instant margarita: a shot of tequila and a shot of lime juice, usually upside down.

Jag on: a serious buzz.

Laughing gravy: booze.

Leo Sayer: all-dayer (Cockney rhyming slang for an all-day bender).

Maintenance drink: one just to maintain the buzz.

Martians: martinis.

Mexican itch: the usual tequila/salt/lemon ritual (also known as "training wheels").

Mudslinger: any shooter that doesn't later properly.

Nerk: see "tequila shiver".

One Hundred Club: a shot of beer every minute for a hundred minutes.

On scholarship: when a bartender spends his time hitting on the clientele, so the other bartenders have to do all the work.

Piss-up: a big night out.

Placebo bottle: liquor bottle filled with water.

Poverty pack: six-pack.

Pre-gaming: having some drinks before you go out drinking.

Pre-hab: when you haven't quit drinking yet.

Prime up: have a few drinks in preparation for having a few more drinks.

Rally barf: throw up and then get your second wind (AKA puke and rally, AKA rally and boot).

Reaccomodated: thrown out of a bar.

Reebs: beers.

Rendezbooze: When a group of people get together to drink.

Retox: off the wagon.

Road rocket: a beer or a mixed drink in a pop can; one for the road.

Schizzed out: burned out, trashed, done for the night.

Scorpion honey: tequila

Shaker: bartender.

Single-drinkathon: slow night.

Sink a few depth charges: have a few drinks.

Six-pack flu: hangover.

Skull: drink.

Slug: a shot.

Spacer: a non-alcoholic drink between rounds.

Tarbender: bartender.

Talent: good-looking customers.

Te-Kill-Ya: tequila.

Tequila shiver: the twist in your spine after a tequila shot.

Tie one on: get drunk.

Tilt a few back: have a few drinks.

Tispy: tipsy.

Training beer: lite beer.

Violent Seven: rye and 7Up.

Vodka pocket: that splash of pure vodka you sometimes find in the middle of a strong screwdriver.

Whiskey math: difficulty adding up your tab.

Whiskey sabbatical: the time it takes to get more ice.

Whisper drink: drink quietly, on the sly.

White lightning: moonshine.

Wobbly pops: drinks.

Wonder Wine: a godawful home winemaking kit.

Yukkaflux: the Saskatchewan tradition of soaking fruit in all your leftover hard liquor.

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